Trolled by El Niño

So, after a wet & chilly beginning to the winter, February was unusually warm and dry; then March was warm and dry; then April improved a bit, rain-wise and also was not so unseasonably warm (although most of the last week was very nicely spring-like: warm, sunny, breezy).

A week or so ago a storm dipped through southern Colorado and we cadged a bit of rain from it.

Then late this past week, some more storms moved our way.

Thursday night & Friday we had brief rains. Saturday morning we woke up to a well-watered garden and snow on the Manzanos.

Sunday morning there was a touch of snow on the ground here; we didn’t see this because we were in Rio Rancho, but we saw bits of the snow on our deck when we got home yesterday afternoon.

Then last evening we started up again with snow.

And this morning, there are maybe two inches out there. The ground is warm, so bare dirt just looks wet. But the deck, the trees, all greened up vegetation — it’s all snowed upon.

We’re still in the clouds and the mountains are just peeking out, but even the foothills are clearly snowy.

We’ve been trolled major-league by El Niño!

And as long as it keeps precipitating, I don’t mind at all.

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