Local Weather

   Mesowest Station Interface

   Also, NOAA's Mountainair weather forecast

Deer Canyon Preserve

   Deer Canyon Preserve Homeowners Association. The best HOA site ever, in my opinion, and as I didn't do any of the work, I can say that! Kudos to our Communications Committee.

   RuralSouthwestLiving.  Neighbor Gary Scheidt’s blog: Lessons from the New Mexico Frontier.

Lodging in Mountainair & area

   Turner Inn & RV Park. Successor to the well-beloved Tillie's Inn. Kevin & Ruth Turner are maintaining the friendly 50s ambiance. 1-888-847-0170; local 505-847-0248. Email Turner Inn.

   The Rock Motel. Dave & Pam Pettingill have redone the old El Rancho, and made it into a comfortable and welcoming place to stay. 505-847-2577. Email The Rock Motel.

   Two Ponyz Ranch. Owner Karen Smith can arrange for horses to ride, or provide boarding for your horses, and she has a beautiful guest casita. Remote! A few miles down rather bumpy roads. But the payoff is worth it, we think. 505-847-0245. Email Two Ponyz Ranch.

Local Eats

   Alpine Alley. Tuesday through Sunday. Coffee, food, pastries & desserts. Great atmosphere, just what you want in a small-town coffeehouse.

   The Bakery at Mountainair. Visit Saturday & Sunday for breakfast, pastries, lunch; and soon, dinners.

Mountainair & Torrance County

   Torrance County website.  Where I finally discovered how to obtain a county road map!

   Torrance County Code of the West. Read before you move here! And admire the familiar scene in their photo; it is indeed our own scenic windmill and old corral on Jumano Trail.

   Claunch-Pinto Soil & Water Conservation District. Ours, in short. Education, support, native seeds for sale, grants for tree thinning.

   Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority. Check the regular or holiday schedule, keep up on EVSWA plans.

   Mountainair Chamber of Commerce.  Exactly what it says it is, and with some useful links of its own.

   Manzano Mountain Art Council.  With information about concerts, classes, and the Sunflower Folk Art Festival, from the folks who put on the events.

   The Mountainair Wire. 

   Mountainair Arts Blog.  "The original," as Vanessa Vaile, who maintains it, points out.  An interesting blog spotlighting Mountainair area arts and artists, and be sure to check out her blogroll (keep scrolling) for many area links.

   Mountainair Online.  Vanessa's new website, again with more information about our area than you really thought was available!

   Mountain View Telegraph.  One of our two area newspapers, affiliated with the Albuquerque Journal.

   The Independent.  Our other area newspaper.

New Mexico

   New Mexico Road Traveler Information Service.  A very useful website with constantly updated information on road conditions and hazards. Check it before you drive here, especially in winter! Info by phone: 1-800-432-4269.

   New Mexico Fire Information.  You can track fires occurring all over the state here. We checked this website daily to keep tabs on the June 2006 fire in the Manzanos (the Anderson fire).

   New Mexico State Forestry Division.  The New Mexico State Forestry Division offers low cost seedlings to landowners to plant for reforestation, erosion control, and windbreaks. You have to buy bunches of them, but we all have lots of land to plant after building, and we can share, too. Only order for a delivery time when you are ready to plant; we lost bunches of seedlings because we didn't plant them pronto!

   New Mexico State Government.  The portal to nearly everything!  

Designers & Builders

   Homescapes New Mexico. The website of Debbie Reynolds, who has built several well-loved homes here, including ours, and is a Deer Canyon Preserve Signature Builder.

   J C Anderson Construction.  Jack is also a Deer Canyon Preserve Signature Builder, with many lovely Deer Canyon homes already completed. Several of Jack’s Deer Canyon projects are featured on his website.

Gardening & Critters

   New Mexico Flores.  Website providing information and images related to ferns and flowering plants from areas in New Mexico and the history of their discovery. Online publication of the book Wildflowers of the Manzanos, the very best source for identifying our local flora. Strongly recommended by Jerry Melaragno, our resident botanist.

   New Mexico Fire Wise Plant List. Useful in planning landscaping.

   High Country Gardens.  Website & catalog from Santa Fe Greenhouses, with lots of information about xeriscape gardening.

   Avant-Gardening. This particular webpage goes into lovely detail about New Mexico wildflowers and wildlife, and the entire site has useful information for New Mexico gardeners.  Kudos to Kelly Brickey for finding this!

   Plants of the Southwest. In Albuquerque, just exactly what it says: the source for gardening only with local plants.

   Butterflies & Moths of Torrance County. I love web references that get local!

   Gardening for Wildlife. As discovered by Kelly Brickey!

   Oasis Design. Website of greywater guru Art Ludwig. Recycling water for maximum benefit to the environment.


   Abo Properties.  Often there are one or more currently-owned properties for sale at Deer Canyon Preserve, and often Abo Properties in Mountainair is the listing agent. They also handle other properties in the area.


And More

   QClaps.  Art, theater, and music events in Albuquerque.

   Firewise Communities.  Wildfires can be devastating in our high desert environment. Kirk Stitt found this excellent resource to help us in the fire-wise design of our homes.

   East Mountain Interagency Fire Protection Association (EMIFPA).  A cooperative interagency association focused on protecting lives and property against fire in Central New Mexico's East Mountain area.

   EMIFPA on Facebook. For quick updates.

   Protecting Your Home from Fire.  New Mexico State Forestry Division guidelines.

   Firestop.  An additional resource for protecting homes in wildfire-prone areas. This product was profiled in an article in the Independent during the Trigo fire. It looks promising. Please note: I'm not encouraging anyone to use this exclusively, without also planning defensible space! Defensible space first! But it looks like it might be something useful to have on hand. Due diligence, etc.

   Thermo-Gel.  Same idea, different product.

   Range Magazine.  The Cowboy Spirit on America's Outback. Useful stuff to help save the West.

   The Code of the West. ’Nuff said.

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