Not our usual drift

For early September, this is amazing:

IMG 20200909 073918 688

And it’s a very misty morning, quite brisk and fresh, which I enjoyed with my cocoa on the porch: 

IMG 20200909 092955 966

No mountains in sight (too foggy/cloudy) but I expect we’ll see snow on them when they’re visible.

Meanwhile, while we went right down to 33° last night (it was that temp at 2:39 AM and at 5:45 AM, so I figure that was our true low), we did not have a freeze, and this morning in my garden at least the flowers are still happy:

IMG 20200909 092746 307

(Well, as happy as they ever are in my garden!)

“Cocoa on the porch” index: 6. The mist and the 35° on the porch made polar fleece very appreciated!

PS: Also, 1.3 inches rain overnight!

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