An actual herd, actually

This afternoon we had four deer—no, six deer—no, eight, NO: TEN deer feeding in our front yard. This is by far the most deer I’ve seen here gathered together at one time. One of the does was being the classic “mean old mare”. She was kicking at any other deer who got too close; one young one seemed to be the primary offender.

They found a lot to munch on in the area that Roy mowed for us last summer, and also in the nearby juniper trees. 

IMG 20220211 162927 632

I’m not sure you can see all ten in the photo; I had to take it from inside since if we had opened the door they’d have vanished.

Not only were there ten deer, they stayed out front, eating away, for more than half an hour. About five were still here when Alan just had to go out in the sunshine himself (he had been about to open the door to go out front when he saw the first four; he was very patient!) Alan opened the door very slowly & as quietly as he could. The deer heard him anyway and left at a lovely coordinated trot. It looked as though they had been practicing their synchronization!

Ah, it was a lovely day even without the deer. Into the 60s, sunny, and still. Just about the best Deer Canyon has to offer.

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