Tea on the porch

We have been having the most sublime weather: warm, sunny, without out usual spring bane (which shall of course not be named here, because … superstitious!).

I have been missing tea on the porch recently; a broken wrist right before Christmas, which made getting out with my tea, turned into a broken habit. About 2 weeks ago, on a Monday, I was having a late-ish tea on the porch and wondering at what sounded like a zillion birds who had somehow arrived overnight — when I realized I was hearing our first mockingbird of the season. A mockingbird singing is the very definition of spring, so our current amazing weather is no surprise. (I do realize we’ll be having cold snaps and overnight freezes still; had snow on May 14 a year or two ago; that’s spring too, of course.)

Anyway, made it outside with my tea at a reasonably early hour today — 8:15 am — and did not hear the mockingbird. But I saw the first house finch of the season (for me; remember I’ve been regrettably missing my tea on the porch time), and enjoyed the coolish but quite pleasant morning. It’s a touch hazy; I couldn’t see the three little dots that are the home of friends across the valley at the Red Bluffs. Still very beautiful outside today.

Tea on the porch index: 2!!! I could still be there, but I drank all my tea, and I wanted to write an actual post for the weather blog!

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