We have it!

The snow arrived yesterday, as advertised, although it did show up an hour or two earlier than predicted, so we were running errands in Mountainair in slick conditions, when we thought we’d be home before the craziness started. (Being out in questionable weather is actually a Clute tradition, alas.)

Quite windy last night. Still snowing today. Our guess is that we have about 15 inches of snow, but it is hard to tell because of the drifts everywhere.

For your amusement:


Bunnies used our porch as shelter last night. “Any porch in a storm.”


We believe the snow piled on the small table is what fell,
as opposed to what has blown in.


You can hang with us on our porch anytime! If where you are is just too warm.
Tea on the porch index is probably 8, as long as you don’t mind standing.


Cattle snacking on four-wing saltbush.


Tex arriving for a drink.
(He licked up the snow from the top of the barrel,
but that picture doesn’t really show him off.)

Oh: it is still snowing. We’re not out of it yet.

PS: we’ve had warm temps & rain — & cooler temps & dry — & cooler temps & smaller snows — off & on over the past month. I figured if I don’t blog this one, I may as well throw in the towel! Not quite finished with this blog yet, I guess.

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