Long time no weather

Well, of course there’s been weather. But the weather hasn’t been getting my attention. 

The big snows from late December, early January, slowly slowly disappeared; I think a fair amount actually melted into the ground for once.

We started February quite cold and breezy. Then, for the past 2 weeks it has been unseasonably warm — 60s in the days, mid-30s or more overnight. And dry, our weather has been amazingly dry all month.

Not today, though! A little storm the forecasters kept saying wouldn’t amount to much has arrived and it’s snowing! We’re covered in white again already.

Meanwhile, due to the recent warm spell, my tulips are starting up & I’ll need to cover them for the predicted lows tonight. I started pruning shrubs on Saturday; I had to switch over to short sleeves! The garden is ready to grow. Oh, and under the gravel the dirt was still soft from the snowpack melting in so slowly, so I was able to uproot a few unwelcome volunteers simply by pulling. That was fun.

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