Behind the times

By a lot!

We had very interesting storms come through a week & a half ago, and then another system was here yesterday. At this point, we are soggy.

On Tuesday, 10/20, wet weather kicked off with an intense hailstorm and continued through the next day. From that, our gauge measured 2.1 inches of rain. Yes, you read that right. I think that’s the most I’ve ever seen in the rain gauge at one time.

Your hosts went to California; so I can’t really say what happened last weekend. I believe it was dry, at least.

Thursday the wet weather returned, with a few half-hearted sprinkles in the afternoon and then beginning in earnest in the evening. It rained soft showers off & on through last evening. And… we have another 1.35 inches of rain in the gauge.

Like I said, we’re soggy. The clouds have lifted, there is just a bit of light fog over the valleys, and the Manzano peaks are dressed in snow.

It is so not summer anymore.

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